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My ZTE Zmax all of a sudden is not receiving messages as fast as it used to. It takes ruffly 25 mins to receive one now. Anyone know why? - Aiden Jones - Google+. Text messaging problems Zmax Pro Messenger to resolve the aforementioned texting issues. will be a ZTE ZMAX PRO update in the near future and that. April, 25 Apr I bought a ZTE Zmax from a friend. Wow I thought I was the only one having a problem with this zte max duo! Got it for Christmas.

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The part that plugs into the wall like issues ones that come with Samsung notes and s series phones or LG. October 12, zte Unable to send or receive text messages Displaying error codes or network messages when you try to send a zmax message These steps help identify and resolve the issues cause. I too have been getting texting same problem, it is very annoying. Zmax of them knows how to root, texting sometimes have to explain, more than one, why Zte root my phones and what rooting is.
My ZTE Zmax all of a sudden is not receiving messages as fast as it used to. It takes ruffly 25 mins to receive one now. Anyone know why? - Aiden Jones - Google+. Text messaging problems Zmax Pro Messenger to resolve the aforementioned texting issues. will be a ZTE ZMAX PRO update in the near future and that. April, 25 Apr I bought a ZTE Zmax from a friend. Wow I thought I was the only one having a problem with this zte max duo! Got it for Christmas.

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This article is about the ZTE Zmax Pro problems, primarily what I use my phone for outside of calling and texting. Has anyone had any issues regarding.
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This article is about the ZTE Zmax Pro problems, primarily what I use my phone for outside of calling and texting. Has anyone had any issues regarding.
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This article is about the ZTE Zmax Pro problems, primarily what I use my phone for outside of calling and texting. Has anyone had any issues regarding.
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Nov 16,  · My partner and I both have the ZTE Zmax Pro and frequently do not receive text messages from each other. Rebooting the phone allows us to send/receive.
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So here's my problem, some times when i send a text, Text messaging problems Zmax Pro & Metro PCS. ZTE Corporation and ZTE USA.
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Text messaging problems Zmax Pro Messenger to resolve the aforementioned texting issues. will be a ZTE ZMAX PRO update in the near future and that.
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April, 25 Apr I bought a ZTE Zmax from a friend. Wow I thought I was the only one having a problem with this zte max duo! Got it for Christmas.
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This article is about the ZTE Zmax Pro problems, primarily what I use my phone for outside of calling and texting. Has anyone had any issues regarding.

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We are NOT order takers, we are salespeople. I tried everything …What do I do? But the fact remains that only my Zmax phone is failing to charge. My brother owns this phone and loves it. It was before September though.

Every single time I walk into a T-Mobile store, they never have enough help…. People want to talk about their phones…what they did to them…. I am here to get info or to actually buy something! Hire more Pink Shirts…. I have actually had customers come into my store simply to ask me how to install an app.

We are NOT order takers, we are salespeople. It sucks that there are so many idiots out there who have to ruin it for everybody else. Vs Well Qualified 0 Down on say a Note 4. Prepaid customers can also qualify to be put on a Simple choice plan now depending on tenure and bill history.

Regardless phones simply say that have a removable battery or not and the book that inside can answer most questions. Some people I feel they just want someone to talk to so they come in to the store. Phone is great,,, customer service is great… I have had phone 5 months no.

Lolz, we are sales associates not tech support or costumer service.. That is fine no problem. Someone should have to be somewhat of a nerd to sell phones. The experience with customers would dramatically go up.

Looks like the processor is busy with something. Shut the phuc up numbnuts… Your the biggest nimrod on earth…. Your mom should stayed on birth control her whole life. If so many people are trying to remove the battery the obvious answer is that the consumer wants a removable battery.

I certainly decided against the S6 when they dropped the removable battery and no micro sd card. They lost up to 5 sales in my family alone. As an employee [of what] please fill me on on these issues. Entire photo albums getting deleted for no reason, miswrites, corruption, double the scan time because of the extra storage, keeping the card charged while inserted uses power, switching phones to one without expandability, etc.

I work at tmobile. MicroSD cards spontaneously fail without warning. Even from trusted, reliable brands. I am never buying a smartphone without SD card and that means never a Iphone. Why not have SD card.

I am not paying outragious prices without sd card like samsung with S6. What were they thinking? These smartphone companies keep putting shitty batteries in their phones too. I get max two days and not even using the damn phone.

But mostly because the incoming Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 is a much better phablet for the same price. The problem is somehow people think the ZMax has a removable battery, like a Note 4, where you can open it up and swap out batteries.

Why would someone try and remove a perfect battery? It was pulled because people like me unlocked the phone. They were counting on me using them as a service. But you can do that with any T-Mobile phone so why take this one away for that reason?

That is not the reason. Not only that but they only update the operating system to their expensive phones. While other companies are giving low end devices the new updates. The ZTE is a great phone! I love the phone. I did a lot of research and found this phone would handle all my needs.

The non removable battery was a concern, but it is large enough to last quite a while before losing charging performance. It could be changed down the road by a professional. With TMobiles jump program that will not be an issue, After 12 months trade it in.

The phone operates up to 2 days watching videos and surfing the web without requiring a charge. I do not have to carry my charger with me anymore on the first day. I figured if I had an operating issue that needed a restart and it did not address the issue, I would allow the phone to totally discharge,because of the non removable battery.

I really enjoy this phone, i do not anticipate any problems like I had with the Galaxy. I love the sound quality through earphones or my JBL Charge 2 bluetooth. I also like the picture and large size of the screen. I purchased this for a third of the price of my first Samsung.

They have resumed selling this phone again. I could care less about the battery. My issue is the fact that I cannot adjust the volume levels individually. This means having my ringer turned up. However, this also turns up the volume for email notifications, social media notifications and app notifications.

If T-Mobile wants another reason to part ways with this device, this is it. And of course, I am now stuck with this device for some time. You can adjust individual sounds.. Phone came out less then a year ago. I own the phone use it daily and the battery is perfect.

Brought when it first came out. Do you own the phone? Thank you miss obvious. Do you own the phone once again? The Zmax was my first no brand phone and the best I have ever had, the battery is amazing, the charge will last close to a week and I talk a lot and surf the web tons!

I love my Zte max , just begin problems with the signal, I changed the sim card and come the same problem. Only if I restart come the signal again. Any now about this problem? First of all when you buy the phone the sales person tells you not to take the back off or it will damage the phone.

In fact they need to come out with another zmax. Are you sure you are talking about the ZTE Zmax? What the real problem is that the port is faulty. I asked T Mobile for replacement because mine was still within the first year warranty.

They replaced it and within three days, the same thing happened. So I replaced the charger. It works sometimes but not always. Tomorrow, I will be returning to the store for the fourth time in less than a month. I am so outraged to find out this phone has been recalled by the manufacturer because they know about this problem yet try to place the blame for why it is no longer charging properly onto the customer.

So far, two different sales associate claim this happened because I pulled the phone off the charger incorrectly. Assuming they are right, then this would be true for all my devices. But the fact remains that only my Zmax phone is failing to charge.

I noticed right away that there is a lot of play in the charging port itself so I will assume this is the real culprit and will explain why there are a few videos on YouTube on how to replace the port.

I am not an idiot, as you have put it. You may not be one. Do you own the device in question? This phone is amazing value and runs incredibly well. One word missing and suddenly he has horrible grammar?

Haha preach on brother…that guy is what I call a reaaaaaaaaallllll Munson!!!! I read this from our beta test moderator. Oh yea for sure.. This phone was never going past KitKat anyway. Does that mean no update to activate band 12?!?!?

I agree with you but also very sad for society. I was going to get this phone tomorrow. Oh well, it wasnt meant to be. The phone will be back, they are just trying to figure out a way to fix this issue.

Was I not suppose to remove the battery? It would be better to remove and replace the operating system. I had my phone for two months and the ph I advise also to not purchase this phone it sucks. I have no clue why all the bad reviews because this is the only phone I ever had that had not even 1 problem.

Im so disappointed with T-mobile service. Zte max goes offline at least once a day. Have to reboot to get back online. Annoying frequently call list are very large and easily touched making accidental calls.

Phone turns off spontaneously. Love the camera and big screen. This is the worst phone Run fast from this phone worst ever. Cheap is not better. Boogz, 25 Mar My phone turned off n now wont turn on any solutions to this problem or if u knoe if metro wi Also have the problem of not having 4g Just 2g man this sucks.

Av used this phone 4 long but av not seen any fault in it Its a good phone. Stick a fork in me I am so done with ZTE!!! I bought a ZTE Zmax from a friend. I love the phone. I love the battery life.

Metro unlocked it for me.

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The battery can be replaced, but is not manufacturer endorsed, it is meant to not be user replaceable but people can do it anyway. Your issue is definitely a speed issue. My zmax pro when charging tells me it is at but really it will be at 75 and stop charging.

Anyone else having this problem? This is my second zmax pro. The first one did the same thing and just stopped charging. Any Bluetooth issues for anyone regarding hooking it up to make hands free calls in the car?????? Laura, BT worked great for me.

I hooked up the handsfree first, then sent the iHeart app right through the stereo. But you have to enable that from within the app. Send audio to Bluetooth. So I was listening to my fav iHeart station, talking handsfree calls, and hearing turn by turn directions, all thru Bluetooth at the same time.

Dude did u even use the phone. Your incorrect cons are. I had same problem, delete All phones on your car.. Then add new phone.. Metro guy came out to my car and fixed it. This phone is great but I had to go thru my Facebook Messenger to text anyone my phone started glitching in regular text message and would hit send by itself one letter per text it was annoying.

I even factory reset my phone like three times and it kept doing it. Issues with Dolby audio. Anyone else having issues with theirs?? Everytime I go to camera it keep telling me unfortunately Camera has stopped.

I did a factory reset twice and cleared cache, reboot 20 times and hit forced stop and still nothing. What should I do? My camera has stopped working. Worked in the morning and stopped at night. Cannot get updates or downloads,tried everthing they said to do,still not working,this is my second phone with the same problem, how do I fix this are there any updates for this phone.

I wish I had known about all the problems this phone has because I sure as hell would not have got it. Pissed the hell off. Zmax Pro has a gyroscope! And then I woke up , and had no screen display, I took it to a metri pcs store and the lady had the same phone and same issue prior to us meeting over my issue…She said to leave it odd for 24 hrs to recharge it the next day…So now im on my Lg Stylo..

What can be done.. I think my Zte Zmax pro is a bad phone…Ive had other issues. The phone otherwise seems to be pretty good …. Anyone having issues with zmax pro turning off randomly and not turning back on?

I had the phone for about 3 weeks, worked fine one minute, put it to charge and left it for about an hour. I took it back to metro and they tries everything and could not fix it so they did a warranty and replaced the phone.

My replacement arrived yesterday, I picked it up around 4pm, everything worked great, then my alarm went off at 6am today, I turned off the alarm, went to shower and came back to find it did the exact same thing as the other one did.

I went back to metro today and the lady played with it a bit and was able to get it back on by pressing the power and volume down buttons at the same time and holding for a few seconds. It has happened again 3 times this evening since then.

I was able to get it back on myself using the same trick, the first time took about 19 seconds, the second time it took seconds, and the last time it took 12 seconds. Not sure if it will keep doing this or if I should warranty it out again and try for a 3rd zmax pro in hopes that a different one will not do the same thing.

Has anyone else had this issue? If so, were you able to resolve it? Had same problem you have to go into settings in Google play and allow less protected downloads. It has fixed and now can download any app on Google play.

Phone overheated, fried to cables, burning inside. Did you ever have that problem? Just got the zmax pro had the zmax before this and that phone is alot faster then this one! And I have half the apps on this phone as I had on the old one.

So I downloaded me a new message app and it works great. What can I do please help. The phone does support fast charging. All you have to do is buy the fast charging plug and also It does not take 5 hours to fully charge my phone.

I fully charge mind in like hour with my normal charger and my speed charging app. But still all in all the phone is been great for me. My phones fingerprint sensor is getting super hot to the point it will burn u has anyone had this prob..??

It keeps turning on and off. I finally got it back on after basically an hour of it not even getting to the home screen, and then powering itself back on. Afraid to touch my power button again. What should I do??!! The ZTE zmax pro does not take 5 hours to charge..

I recently purchased a ZTE zmax pro. I have encountered none of the issues that you noted. Granted I was aware of the ownership and networks. I started with Boost. Not a fan of sprint, but the best larger phone for the money. I ended up moving and service was spotty at best.

Got tired of calls dropping, so I looked for another carrier. Now, back to the phone itself, it needs to be thinner, lighter, and have a front speaker s and be NFC capable. Trust me, c cables are hard to find. You just about have to order them online.

My understanding is that c cables will be the standard in the future, so at some point it may be a moot point. I had a couple of minor issues that were mainly user error. A stop by the store alleviated those. As a fa as the fingerprint scanner, the key is to take the time and let it get good images during setup.

I think you should confirm your research before you make statements. Do a bit of digging. You will find that you are incorrect sir. I almost bought an LGstylo 2. Hardware and a bigger screen won out.

Plus, nobody ever really uses the stylus anyway. Plus I read many many comparisons. Think of Kia and Hyundai a few years ago. Anyhow, with discounts for changing carriers and instant rebates, I walked out the door with a pretty badass phone with a 6inch screen for forty bucks.

So far, so good. So I stand corrected sir. In addition, the phone have problems with asking a incoming call. Any ideas about wifi issues? Ive restarted, erased and reset the network, turned off wifi, etc. The touch screen clicks when trying to scroll.

The speaker is not very loud and hard to hear calls. Several times I have not been able to click on parts of screen, for instance the delete button on keyboard. The power cord is cheap. Broke in a few days. Cheap China imports are much better quality.

My first phone lasted less than two months. I rebooted as yet again, I could not get any data connection. It went to metro screen and never went further. Took back on Warranty. More fast connection issues with this phone.

Third time going back with this one today. Suppose to get a new replacement. Some of these facts are wrong at the top. The buttons can be flipped and they are backlit. The phone does support Volt calling.

If you want your phone faster go in to developer options. The phone does have fast charging which will only work if you have a fast charger adapter. The part that plugs into the wall like the ones that come with Samsung notes and s series phones or LG.

Once you plug it up go into settings and go to battery and it will say fast charging, which is about a hour and a half instead of 3 to 4. The front is a 5mp and the same its only OK. Bluetooth is good with some and bad for other devices.

In the car it connects for a while then drops signal. Battery last all day. Great big phone with a lot of features for about less. Why when I play stuff like YouTube or Pandora, it always stops? Got the phone about 3 months ago….

Today the phone just died… took it to metro pcs and they said that the battery probably is not good. I lost all of my appointments along with my backed up pictures… and new contacts… it was set on google back up btw!!!! I have to wait 3 days to get it on a Holiday week!!

Yea it has major major problems sending and receiving text messages as well along with the speaker you talk into. Then,it will last me all day with about an hour of Pokemon Go. Also, if you want to conserve on battery life, you might want to not have Bluetooth and location on all the time with screen brightness high.

Too many people say that a battery is trash when it is the person who is running too many programs or the setting are all on. Other than that, you have your facts pretty straight, thank you for your article.

Though, you did leave out the screen glitch. Ugh just got phone 2 weeks ago and it just powers off. My headphone jack has a connection problem. Often no sound or heavy crackling no matter what headphones I try use.

Phone is only a week old. He can still go in to contacts though. Any ideas on this??? I never dropped it or anything else to damage it, it just stopped and now it wont turn back on. Got locked out of playstore couldnt update or in stall apps.

Went back to store told me to factory reset. Had tried everything to fixx now i have to factory reset each time. Also told them i cant delete voicemail or previous calls. Everytime i turn phone off then turn back on they return.

Sales people have the same phone as i have and dont know how to help me. Not a refurbished but a new one. Why didnt u train them before u relishing the phone. Trouble shooting tricks dont work. Is this really what u call a deal or a deal breaker.

Hope they got a good commission and can sleep at night. Oh and merry Christmas to all. And ZTE seems to make their phones both hard to root and not act right once you finally do. Your fingerprint sensor stops working the same day you get it?

You probably rooted it as soon as you got it home, took away permissions from Google apps and rebooted at some point. Multitouch has stopped workong can only touch the screen with one finge. If i attempt two fingers on the screen for a game the first finger works but when i place the second finger it cancls the first and wont read the two fingers on screen at the same time.

I think the last update messed it up cant play first person shooters since i cant move and shoot at the same time. Anyone have the same problem any fixes? Sounds like a lot of user error here. My phone works fine.

I have had it for 5 months now. And whoever wrote this article get your specs checked before you write this rubbish. This phone is a great mid range phone if you know what your looking at. Almost close to root.

And for most of you check out Android authority most of your user problems can be addressed there. Internet connection is too slow and III a exclusively on 2G. Intetnet sharing is relatively very slow. Edit to my previous comment.

Did not know you could set permissions in Marshmallow without root. When texting if I back space, orange border appears on edges of screen, keyboard becomes useless. I press am I get a z… Happening more and more frequently.

Powering off and on corrects it. This information can be found by simply using google, and searching specs for said device. You are correct that there is no NFC nor a removable battery. Thanks for steering people the wrong way, with bad info!

This phone can not handle emulators well. Within seconds the screen becomes unresponsive to touch. Good luck with Nintendo 64 on this thing! Apparently this is a issue for lots of people, but with fix by ZTE planned.

I need help my phone is saying not responding. How can my phone not make or recieve calls just out of nowhere? I have also tried to clear the messaging app data and cache. Anyone have this problem or any suggestions to fix it?

Sometimes they go through after a while and sometimes they fail to go through at all. I was thinking that the apn settings were off but I think it might be the phone. Not sure what OP is using. If I notice that a text is stuck sending, sometimes rebooting the phone helps.

Some people have moved to different better carriers. Not everyone wants to deal with Tmobile spotty coverage. I too have been getting this same problem, it is very annoying. Only way I have found to fix it, is to restart the phone.

I have found that when this happens and I reboot, sometimes the person receiving the message then gets it a couple times. This second issue happens most often in group texts. The odd thing is my wife and I are on the same plan, both with the Zmax pro and the same apps installed and her phone has no problems at all.

I did however have voice over LTE enabled. I just turned off voice over LTE to see if that helps. I never have wifi calling on, its still happens frequently I wish i could find a solution as this is getting annoying.

So u dumped stock messenger for Chomp SMS. I never have WiFi calling on. With that said, I constantly have problems with the phone doing this same thing. This is starting to happen more and more often and is really starting to get annoying.

Then I have to reboot the phone to even get it to start working again and getting them from the point they are being sent then. I hope they fix this soon, because this can really be something that causes serious problems in some circumstances.

I did download another SMS app and it is a little better but still had issues. Hello Everyone, and sorry you are having issues. Those of you that are using the default text app, if you press and hold the message that fails, a menu will pull up.

What error codes is listed? It will do that with every message that you send to everybody until rebooting the phone. Once rebooted it will then send the messages, but then at that time when I talk to the people that I sent the messages to and they now went through, they all state that they got the message multiple times.

Mostly just twice, but I have had times where they have gotten the message up to four times. Have you tried changing your APN settings? I know with my carrier, they have default APN settings they have everyone use, but there is also another set, and I had to use this other set in order for my text and data to work properly.

It is definitely worth trying, and fairly easy to do. Thing of it is, it will work fine for a while and then all the sudden start doing this. After resetting the phone, it will work fine again for a while and then do it again.

This can be 20 minutes, 20 hours, 20 days I will keep an eye on this thread, and check back to see how things are moving along. Should you need anything, please just ask. Here is a link to some MetroPCS settings you can try.

It has fixed some other users issues:. This is what everything is set at already It just did it again too, it has been doing really well and all the sudden this morning, again But it sends out each letter of my word.

I have done several factory resets.. I do love this phone.. Please give me some kind of advice.. Use their live chat. I love using their live chat support. They are fast to help you.

Multitasking had no major issues either. The ZMax Pro could easily hold a few apps in memory without constantly reloading and most casual games performed quite well. Benchmarks can be found below. Performance on the sensor is also great.

Despite being on a low-cost phone, the sensor is still accurate and fast. I feel the size of the sensor allows for a more accurate reading. As previously mentioned, the ZMax Pro ships with Android 6.

The settings menu, homescreen, and most of the stock applications are all unaltered from what you would see on a Nexus device, which is awesome. One thing that did take away a few points on this device was the bloatware however.

It never happened while I was actively using the phone, but it was still pretty annoying to come back to the phone and find a huge ad. The display on this device, despite being a TFT panel, is actually very impressive.

I could easily use it indoors or out with no problems as all. Colors are good, perhaps a bit washed out, and viewing angles are shockingly good. With that however comes a note once again regarding its size. This panel is massive.

I am still trying to pin down what the code could be. I have recently had to replace my phone with an Insurance replacement due to the charging port breaking in my other phone. After receiving the replacement, I immediately noticed this issue repeating with the new phone, however, this time it was much worse.

The phone worked okay for a couple days, then the issue started up again, at first it was just after a few hours it would do it and I would have to restart. It then because every time I tried to send a text it would do it again and I would have to restart my phone.

This was killing me, having to restart the phone for every text that I wanted to send Since putting this app on and using it instead of "Messaging" that is on the phone from the factory and being the default that is installed when you turn on the phone, this app has worked flawlessly.

Not once have I had an issue getting this app to send or receive texts. I think it is something with the default app that is causing the problem. There are many 3rd party apps out for sending SMS messages and I am pretty confident that any of those would work well as a replacement and correct whatever issues are being caused by the default app that is installed on the phone.

I agree completely with the previous post. Messenger - Android Apps on Google Play. Like stated above, I think the application is great and I even like it better then the one ZTE provided. Thanks for the info everyone! Thanks for that info, I thought it was the phone and not Metropcs, exactly what I was trying to tell them.

Here is some good info on the recent update. RCS is going live for some Google Messenger users, enabling "enhanced features" for messaging. Sticking with google messenger and not looking back. Only wish I could change the background on each thread, can I?

I have had the same problems with my ZTE ZMAX PRO as many others here with the text messaging not working or sending messages or just sitting there "sending" and having to restart my phone times a day to get it working.

I have been back to their store more times then I can count and still no fix. I will post tomorrow if it works since the old app messed up 20 times a day so if I make it through this day it will be fixed.

I have had no other problems with this phone except that and I hope it is now fixed Will post tomorrow if all is well Take it back to the store, and tell them you want to warranty it out. I just swapped out two of them.

The new ones work much better, although there is still room for improvement. It really should perform better than it does. So anyone having that "sending problem" or the other text related problems, download another texting app from play store and disable factory installed texting app and you will be fine.

I wish I had know this from the beginning. Im having the same issue as the op. Msg not going out at all, unless I reboot the phone. Swapping my phone out was what fixed mine. Maybe it was an issue with the tower in your area.

I just bought the phone like 2weeks ago and my other phone never had this problem If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Featured User of the Month techright Joined on: Moderators sshasan AmyXie petershih Aerospaceman ironbaybeedoll musicdjm.

September 10, 1: September 12, 3: September 12, 4: Are you using the stock messenger when this is happening? Have you defaulted to a new messenger? September 12, 5: Have you tried clearing the cache on the messaging app?

September 13, 5: September 13, 9: September 14, 3: October 10, October 10, 3: October 12, 4: October 15, 1: October 15, October 17, 6: Let me know if you found out what was causing the problems..

October 17, 7: October 17, 8: October 18, It has fixed some other users issues: October 19, 4: October 19, 5: I will be typing something in the search bar and it will only let me type so much and it erases what I wrote..

Do you know how annoying that is October 23, 8: October 27, 5:

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My camera quality is great. Have you mess with the apn settings? First it randomly overheats and second there is a huge lag on my apps. Are you using the stock messenger when this is happening? Do you own the phone once again? Hello Everyone, and sorry you are having issues.

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